Igloo Lacrosse

Keith Cromwell Named New Varsity Boys Head Coach For Manhasset High School

Manhasset High School Varsity Boys Head Coach

Congratulations to Igloo Director Keith Cromwell on being named the New Head Boys Lacrosse Coach for Manhasset High School. 

Coach Cromwell is looking forward to coaching an established lacrosse town, filled with passionate and talented players known for playing lacrosse at a high level.   Keith will look to work with the PAL coaches, administrators, existing staff and new staff at Manhasset High School to continue and hopefully improve on the overall direction of the program.  Keith has large and impossible shoes to fill as we all love and respect his predecessor and mentor, but it is a challenge Keith looks forward to.  So with that we wish Coach Cromwell all the best as he leads Manhasset in the 2016/17 season.