Igloo Lacrosse

2021 Igloo Penguin Invitational Lacrosse Tournament

Tournament Dates: JULY 14 & JULY 15

Tournament Cost – $900 Guaranteed Three Game festival

Tournament Directors

  • Anthony Alexander 917-623-6509
  • Bob Metzger – 516-353-3288
  • Mike Faraone – 516-369-0062


  • Four 8 minute running time quarters with a 2-minute break between Quarters and for Halftime
  • Each Team will get (2) one minute timeouts that can be used anywhere and at any time as long as its a dead ball, or your team has the ball.  Time outs will stop the clock.
  • 4 Goal Rule which means if a team is up by four goals the other team will automatically get the ball at Mid Field after a goal (This is not an option, Coaches Must Use and adhere to this policy).
  • There are No Passing Rules, however we expect all coaches to understand the spirit of this tournament.
  • No long poles allowed.
  • All goalies must-have cup, chest protector, elbow pads, and Helmet with Throat Guard, all other equipment is optional, but it is suggested that all goalies have shoulder pads, shin guards, and protective goalie pants.
  • Two Refs Per Game
  • No Clearing Times
  • Subs will be allowed on the Fly, and during Dead Ball Situations.  Coaches Need to Just Call for a Horn!!!
  • There will be no quick whistles, the refs will be instructed to give coaches the time they need to make subs and to get situated.
  • Limited Contact – There is no man ball!  (Any contact deemed excessive, or with the intent to hurt will be an automatic 2-minute Penalty)
  • All Penalty Times are Running Time.
  • Face Offs will follow College Rules, so no holding the ball in the back of the sticks.
  • All Other Rules will be PAL Rules.
  • NO BBQ’s Allowed
  • Zero Tolerance Policy
    • Unsportsmanlike activity on behalf of players, coaches, and or parents.  All Unsportsmanlike Penalties will result in a two-minute nonreleasable penalty.   Repeating offense by a player, coach, or parent will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
    • Fighting in any sort will result in 2-minute non-releasable penalties, plus the player, parent or coach involved will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
    • Getting on the refs for bad calls will not be tolerated, from time to time refs will make bad calls, but for this tournament getting on a ref will be considered an unsportsmanlike act.
  • Rain Delay or Cancellation Policy – if the weather does not permit us to play any games we will reschedule the tournament (no refunds will be remitted).  If the weather allows us to play some games and not others we will shorten game times to get back onto schedule.
  • Tie Breakers
    • Head To Head
    • Goals Allowed
    • Goal Differential

Tents and Clean-Up Rules

  • Each Team will be given a designated spot to set up their tents, no tents will be allowed next to or near the parking lot!
  • All Teams are required to clean up their mess, as each team will be given a garbage can to ensure all bottles, trash, etc. are cleaned up after they leave.
  • NO BBQs allowed
  • Nothing Should be left on the fields when you leave.. There will be a dumpster for you to throw everything out after the tournament is done.
  • Please Feel Free To bring your own Chairs for viewing the games, but do not leave them on the fields.

Other Amenities

  • There will be Port A John’s onsite for your convenience.