Igloo Lacrosse

Elite Program Overview

Team Igloo is an elite travel club lacrosse organization geared to providing a team oriented approach to player development. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and in our case “It takes a team to build a complete player”. Team Igloo puts a focus on players learning from other players, coaches, and developing an experience that last 9 quality months of each year.  We hope by fostering a community based team, that players feel more comfortable and get supported by not only the coaches, but their team mates and families that are on the team.  In the end we want our players to build bonds that last a long time.

Striving to Build The Best Development + Competitive Club on Long Island

2021 marks a whole new beginning for Igloo Lacrosse.  As a club we not only want to be extremely competitive and service the most elite players, but also a club that focus on player development for players who are on the cusp of reaching their full potential.   With our fall, spring, and summer team trainings, combined with our skill specific positional training sessions that develop overall player ability, IQ, and skill, your son will improve here.  Couple that with access to the best professional overall coaching staff on Long Island you get a great opportunity as a player to development, have fun, and most of all compete at the highest level.