Igloo Lacrosse

Elite Program Overview

Team Igloo is an elite travel club lacrosse organization geared to providing a team oriented approach to learning the game. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and in our case “It takes a team to build a complete player”. Team Igloo puts a focus on players learning from other players, coaches, and developing an experience that last 9 quality months of each year. Team Igloo also makes the kids, parents, and their families feel they are apart of something more then just lacrosse.

Team Igloo has and will always continue to be about the players. We call Team Igloo the unofficial anti-travel team — travel team. We strive to provide coaching and team environments that build friendships, teamwork, and most importantly young gentlemen and ladies. We are completely transparent with our coaches, players and parents on costs and what each player will receive. Our program includes winter training, fall/spring/summer, tournaments, and team building events on and off the field.

If your looking for a different kind of experience for your son and daughter; an experience centered around team building, fun, competitive play and training; then Igloo is the right place for him and her. We are confident that your child will get better over the course of the year and enjoy themselves in the process.

Our elite travel program consists of many components with practices starting in the fall going through the summer. By far the best value for your dollar when you compare all the components with other teams.