Igloo Lacrosse

Parent/Player Expectations

Parent and Player Roles and Commitments, and Conduct


  1. You must do well in school!
  2. Each player is expected to make the practices, games, and tournaments so that when we practice everyone is up to speed on our game plan and things we would like to improve on from time to time. During the winter and spring we realize there will be conflicts and we will handle on a case by case basis. But missing a practice before a tournament may result in very limited playing time, not as a punishment, but your son may not know what he is doing and how it affects the other players.
  3. Players will be put into positions over the course of the year so they may learn a specific position well. Your child may be playing a position that they are not used to. They will begin to understand their role and how it plays a part of the team’s success. Players will also understand that this is a select team, and not every player will play an equal amount of time, and even sometimes not play at all during a game, nor will players tell the coaches were they want to play.
  4. Players are expected to take care of their equipment, uniforms, and apparel so that the responsibility lies on the kids to understand that everything has a value. Players will take their equipment on and off the fields and make sure as a team we have everything picked up. No parent should be bringing their son’s bag to and from practices or games.
  5. As a family and players we now have fields, dedicated to Igloo and we expect that as a part of the Igloo family everyone will make sure fields are cleaned of water bottles and garbage.
  6. Each player will be responsible for making sure they get to know their teammates, and they will always be positive to each other, pick each other up to congratulate each other when we succeed as a team, and to never blame an individual for a team loses or mistakes… Be happy for your team mate when they do something well, or have a great game; tell them they had a great game.  NEVER make fun of, or belittle another player on this team or any other team within Igloo or teams we play against.
  7. Respect where ever we go – you are now representing Team Igloo, and we will conduct ourselves with class, always use your manners. Failure of a parent of player to act accordingly can result in some serious circumstances.
  8. Sportsmanship -At the end of each game we will always get our goalies – and shake hands with the other team. Failure to conduct themselves in a respectful way of any sort on or off the field will have consequences.
  9. Parents will representing Team Igloo as well,
    no yelling at refs, you will be positive with your sons, and you will cheer for all the players on field, not just your son. Your instruction may be in direct conflict from what we teach your son. So we ask to keep your feedback while your son is playing to positive comments that are directed towards hustle, desire, and not strategy. Parents promise to support the team and all its players not just your own child. Parents need to support this idea of team and to restrain from comments in front of your child or any child that may not support this effort.
  10. 24 Hour Rule:
    Parents will promise never to bring up any issues in the company of others or in public at practices or games. Any issues will be conducted via phone call directly to one of the coaches in a private manner 24 hours after the incident.   We all realize that coaches make mistakes and parents are pretty sharp about watching their child’s playing time; so we ask that if you have an issue, call us 24 hours after the incident when you are calm and the coach isn’t worried about game plans or opponents, or anything else that may be giving the coach some stress; no need to add this to the mix.